Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not my Kratikoff

Dare I continue? I say, "Dare I not?" (would you rather I delete my laughing at my own cleverness? just sayin'...)

Continuing with the battle box theme, I present to you, Sorcha Kratikoff. This one however, was not painted my me. (gasps of horror!)
'Tis true, 'tis true, I purchased this one on evil-bay. The price was right and it looked good and I figured, what the heck, another Sorcha to use while I finished detailing mine.

The painter, who never identified himself, and I AM IN NO WAY TAKING CREDIT FOR HIS WORK, has a different style than mine, but has the same appreciation for the deep Khador reds that I do. The weapon is in a different position than the traditional sculpt, and there is some additional detailing on the base. My only real critiques are that the skin tone is so dark, and that the red of both the armor and the cloak are highlighted with white or light gray.

Well, and there is little detail in the eye area. Anyway, all in all a good miniature and it saved me some time.

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