Monday, January 19, 2009

Fun with the Destroyer

As posted earlier, (earlier today, hah!) I had completed painting my Khador battle box. I thought I would post the limited amount of success I've had so far, and let everyone see what's to come.

These are pictures of my Destroyer, a heavy Khador Warjack. It isn't based, and if you look close enough, you can see where I tried out several paint colors on the base primer color to see how they looked. I prefer Armory Gray or Armory Black primer, btw.

If you are familiar with Warmachine and the endless tips for painting, you would know that the basic Khador paint scheme is red, lightened by orange or an orangy-yellow.


After watching Coppola's Dracula, and lots of other vampire movies, I think it looked less like blood, and more like orange crayons. The Khador back story is all about the blood of the ancestors. This is reinforced by Dark Prince Vlad (in his very dracula-esque armor btw) and by the lakes spilled by the Butcher and the Doomreavers.

So anyway, I decided to have the brick/bright red of the suggested paint scheme be my finishing or brightest highlight color, and start much MUCH darker red. This model is mostly GW Red Gore or Reaper Blood Red. These paints were tinted with magenta or red inks to give instant shades and tints.

The Metals will be addressed in the post with the Juggernaught.

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