Sunday, January 25, 2009

Inking Frenzy

I hope ink comes out in the shower. I made many coats of red paint mixes with various inks today. One of the things I found is that my original color palette of reds was too close to each other. The difference between the dark purple-red (GW Red Gore) and my middle shade (Reaper Brick Red) although startling in the bottle is virtually indistinguishable on the model. So I will have to downgrade the palette from five to three, and maybe see about incorporating a lighter-est red, maybe P3 Khador Red Base.

I got Reaper Red Steel color last week, but I haven't had a chance to experiment at all with it. Not sure if I want to experiment on my Vlad warkasters. On significant breakthrough is with Tamiya Clear Red. One of the Vlad models I am working on was going the standard way; base coat, ink wash, highlight, dry brush. Clear red is just that, like a clear varnish of red. It also taints whats underneath reddish. I may just paint in all the details, stark highlights and dark recesses then slap the whole thing with clear red to see how it comes out. Pictures will follow.

Not having digital camera = suck.

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  1. Personally I can't wait to see what the Red Steel looks like. It was such an interesting metallic red when you picked it up. And as for the other blends, well, blood is pretty indistingishable from blood, especially when Khadorans are bleeding all over themselves... (oh, I am so going to get it Saturday for that one).

    =) Hey, we both have the day off today. Happy painting!