Monday, January 19, 2009

Greetings from Airport, in which I offer NO explanation

Okay, so this is my first blogging exercise and I offer no apologies for committing all the beginner blog errors and offend, well, pretty much everyone I know. So there!

To begin. I, like my friend Red from 'Lightning Strykes,' began my gaming sojourn with the purplish box of basic D&D. From there we moved on to the other TSR products. (Heck, there wasn't anything else at the time!) I did RPG's for many years, finally moving outside the realms of fantasy with things like Hero system and Villains & Vigilantes. I resisted the CCG craze for about a month.... I made the leap into miniature games with a small game based on Civil War naval combat, eventually moving on to WW2 naval, Warhammer 40k, Target games Warzone, and a few others.

I feel proud to say that I truly got into Warmachine on the bottom floor. I was sitting at a table at my LHS when the shipment of original Warmachine books and starter packs were unpacked from the distributor. Up to that time, I had played the above games, usually losing interest from the daunting task of having to paint a truly monstrous army to get anything accomplished, or from byzantine rules about army selection and composition. The first thing that struck me about Warmachine was the incredible complexity of the back story followed immediately by the PRICE! Never was a intro set of rules for a minis game $20! Unheard of! Outrageous!

Well, after getting a copy, I was even more impressed. You could actually play meaningful battles with just the contents of the starter box. Battles that would teach you the whole rules. Warmachine was a product I was going to support, and I bought my first army box, Cryx!
(gasps of horror)
Yes, if things had worked out as I thought this would be a scaly and glowing Cryx blog. Like Red, I think it's no fun if every one wants to be the fighter. As such, after the initial frenzy at the LHS was over, four of the original six players wanted to or were playing Cryx. So I decided to switch factions to The Red Machine; Khador.

I played, completed painting my base box, did a tournament or two. Then, I slipped into the tragic error, I began collecting instead of hobby-ing. I would grab a couple of new releases and hide them in the Basemento of Doom. I stayed current on the rule books and such. Eventually the pile of WM got large, it moved into its own box, then two, then a storage tote. Every so often, I would plan out a few units and reinforce my growing collection of madness.

Through financial hardships, I re-evaluated my gaming and realized there WAS a Basemento of Doom, and it was full of stuff I didn't use. Thank God Red came to my rescue. He got fired up about WM again and brought me with him. We started planning, playing, and painting again. We got involved with local WM gamers and are having (looks around and whispers) fun.
(shrieks of outrage and horror!!)


  1. I made the same mistake, and collecting has now netted me over 3000 pts of Menoth... for which I have less than a dozen painted models :X

    Thankfully, measures are in place to correct that.

  2. I guess I'm lucky to be on a tight budget so I can't get too carried away. Like you the price of getting into this game was a huge selling point for me.

    I've played WHFB many times but I still only have about 1000 points worth of Ogres and the games get very repetitive at that point level.