Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Angst of Time

Or the sweet vacuum of getting what you want. It's late, that doesn't make sense.

Yes, Red and I battle in less than a week. I've has a busy three days of work and I look forward to painting tomorrow. Red is further along on his Trenchers than I am on my Winterguard. I still have bare primer here and there with plans for the shading but nothing done.

Tomorrow, I will have to draw the line between painted, and painted enough. The downside is that I don't want to 'settle.' That would suck; I would feel not only like I failed, but I cheapened the exercise.

On the building front, I made my first forays into puttying with P3 sculpting putty. A suggestion to P3, make smaller logs! I can't believe how much I wasted in the 120-odd minutes I had from malleable goop to rock. Neither do I want to delay my whole army trying to save up enough miniatures that need putty to make it worth my time to mix up a batch. *Sigh*

Also from the building front, and incorporating the putty news, I completed my Doomreaver 'FemBot' conversions. I always liked the back story of the Doomreavers; criminals chained to fell swords and sent to do the bidding of the Motherland. Doomreavers

Some years after the WM rulebook came out, GW released a further refinement of the Adeptas Soroitas and a special unit called the Sisters Repentia. Repentia

So I was thinking to myself, who said all the criminals had to be male?

I fill follow with pictures as they come available.

And just to add insult to grievous injury, I came across the ultimate in mean, wicked, rotten cruel 350 point Khador lists on the WM forums. Red should feel lucky I cannot afford this nor have it ready in time, and thus will share with all.

Vlad, Dark Prince
Doomreaver 1
Doomreaver 2
350 points.


  1. Goodness! I just wanted to field a competitive, fun army...not a mean one. Believe me, I too am feeling the crunch. I am trying to find time to paint after the wee l'il un has gone to bed, and I fear I will have to "draw the line" somewhere and not have my minis as painted as I would like. The more I paint, the more of a perfectionist I become.

  2. I hear and understand. I guess since this is our first installment, we both can agree to let each other slide a little. Then we will have to spread the duties out better, (at least I will) and let someone else be that uber-picky.
    Did I mention how jealous I am of your wet palette?