Thursday, January 22, 2009

Don't look now, but Sorcha is a hottie!

(takes a few moments to stare at it...)

Anyway, this is the Sorscha Kratikoff that I painted. The reds are much brighter than the Juggernaut and Destroyer, but the flash has brightened them even more than natural light. The reds are Reaper Blood Red and Bright Red and GW Blood Red.

As with the Warjacks, you can see me using the base as a test palette. It's hard to highlight the icy blue glow that's supposed to emanate from Frostfang.

Also, I really didn't like the way the hat turned out. Its dark gray highlighted with light gray. Also, the only artwork I had to work from was the base art on the battle box. It wasn't until WM:Apotheosis and later that we started to get more and better artwork to paint from.

My only criticism of the sculpt is that it is too seamless from the hat, to the hair to the collar of the greatcoat. Hard to draw out details from such a small area.

Again, for the same reasons, it is not fully based, and there are still details I need to finish. The armor need another layer or two of highlights. I am not sure if I finished the eyes. Plus I need maybe to fix the hat.

The second Sorcha I had from my aforementioned second starter box broke in assembly. The slot tab broke from the feet, and I don't trust just gluing a flat foot to the plastic base without some other means of support. Guess I'll have to hit up the 'bits site.


  1. Your Sorscha is significantly more pleasing to my eye than the ebay one. Good job.

  2. Thats really nice mate - the shading/layering on the red is very effective

  3. Nice to meet people in the area! I play in the huntington area and rather ironic i stumbled across this blog looking for a picture of sorchia ahah!