Monday, January 19, 2009

Juggernaut says "Hello."

Continuing in my lengthy droning on and on about my miniatures, I continue with the Juggernaut Khador heavy warjack. (Man, I thought it was spelled like 'Dreadnought.') Anyway, here it is.

'Awesome' is a truly inadequate word.

Again, it is not fully based. I was at the time, and still am contemplating with what flocking material I wish to base my Khador army in.

Due to several sales early on, and a fortunate contest prize, I came into a second battle box. The story and the background of Khador is very Soviet, so I thought a cool alternate paint scheme would be a 'winter camo,' with white/snow colors replacing the brilliant reds.

Shortly thereafter, or maybe a long time after, I found real life GW snow flock. That being said, I wasn't going to make Every base a snow base. "It's never winter all the time."

Then again, the greenish flock I have is really green. Hmm, the quest continues. The Ice Axe as pictured is not highlighted, just a base coat of GW Hideous Blue.

I promised I would talk about the metals. The base metal color is either GW Boltgun metal or Chainmail from Ral Partha. The inky highlights are detailed in the Warmachine Escalation paining section using Tamiya Smoke. Having used it, I won't ever not use it again!

The Bronze color is the stumper. (wanders over to the paint table....) Ahhh....GW Brazen Brass, with the same smoky highlights mentioned above.

Getting back to Ral Partha paints, Red and I were talking about them last Saturday when we were working on some terrain. We both remember using and liking them. Sadly them seem to be discontinued. Ah well, live, grow, evolve, develop 5-ton land leviathans and crush your enemies.

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