Saturday, May 9, 2009

Picture Day 3 - FemBot Attack 1

More fun from the camera of Red and teh fertile imagination of your truly~

So I always liked the idea of the Doomreavers. See my original post on the subject here.

To recap; the Doomreavers were criminals chained to ancient Orgoth fell blades as punishment for various crimes. The Sisters Repentia are disgraced Adeptas Sororitas who serve in the unit as penance for wrongdoing and thus die in service of the Emperor, while wielding two-handed Eviscerator chain swords. Similar, no?

So I decided, why couldn't Doomreavers be female?
Bwa-hah-ha-ha-haaaaa! -ahem- Sorry. Sweet, no? It was only after I had fully deconstructed both the Doomreavers and the Sisters that I noticed the scale was a weeeeee bit off. 40k and WM are not fully compatible in size. Luckily I found that out before I started to modify any of my Uhlan cavalry! Then again, I was already into the project, and if a muscular guy in a zero visibility helm could carve a bloody swath, how much more terrifying would half a naked woman doing the same be?

There were problems, of course. So many problems that I am glad I did this project, and equally glad I don't have to do another. The real key was having both hobby wire and a drill narrow enough to be able to drill out both the blade, the cross guard/hand area, and then to be able to drill deeply enough to secure the pin without destroying the miniature.

As you see from the close-ups, I had to cut, modify and pin in a variety of different areas. The Doomreavers gave up their swords rather easily. In nearly every cast, there was a place to part the sword easily. Also, two or three of the models come with the sword cast separately. Easy peasy!

Not so forgiving were the Sisters. In this example, the Eviscerator came away clean above the fancy cross guard leaving two clean, flat joints to work with. In other examples, the Eviscerator on the Sister was modelled differently, and there fore the join had to be modified.

More to follow.


  1. cool conversion, creepy though.... :P

  2. I cannot adequately express how awesome this is. It's like Khador decided they needed their own variants on the Daughters of the Flame! Please let me know as soon as you've got some painted up, I'd love to feature them on Lost Hemisphere!