Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Picture Day 2 - Revenge of the Behemoth

The pics just keep on coming! (man, I suck at blogging!)

As many of you have humorously note in my blog, I have sung the underwhelming fell call of "Pretty ballerina Behemoth" in the past. If not, get your giggles here .

As envisioned by Privateer .

"A pound of tin, balanced on one foot." Yeah. Long ago, I decided to experiment with rectifying this egregious, nay, tragic mistake. Most of my beginning efforts started with what to jam under the foot to absorb the weight. I cut and test-fitted a number braces, and I am still in that phase with the original legs and lower torso. I started thinking about other robots from other game systems as a replacement, also. In the end, I found I had extra bits of a Mark 2 40K Dreadnought. The lower legs and torso plate were s-o-l-i-d. I jazzed my conversion up with the inclusion of some Imperial Titan feet from the Epic line.

This is the finished result. I mounted it to one of the Privateer 50mm metal bases to offset the 'top-heaviness.' The brass rod was seated on the 40k pin to help index the hole n the 'Beho' torso. Small gaps, including the rod were filled in with putty. In the large picture, you can see a guide pin for extra support.

Taa-dahh, here we have the sections joined! I think it looks suitably beefy and believable. (Forgive the blu-tack, one arm not affixed yet.) Surprisingly, this solution comes in much shorter than the regular 'Beho.' So much so, I had to include the middle plate, when I had originally planned not to. There is something sad about dragging one's knuckles.

Hopefully before too long, I can complete the other set of legs to give another reference.

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