Sunday, May 10, 2009

Picture Day 3 - FemBot Attack 2

Wow, I had real trouble getting the last post to save, so I broke 'er into two parts.

This pose, and there are two in the Sisters Repentia box, posed the most problem. Here, the flat planes of the two pieces were directly acted on by gravity. It was working with this sculpt, that I was lucky enough to have purchased the Core Techniques V.1 from Privateer. Learning all that putty technique really really helped here. I puttied the sword side and the hand side. I placed the pin in the still moist putty, making a hole that was 100% and exact fit, then let it dry. (Wetting the item you want to remove from the putty helps immensely!) When it came time to glue, it was like the parts were manufactured to fit together that way!

This pose was frustrating in that cross guard came to a narrow point, and I tried to retain the shackle chain for reattachment to the new mini. The shackle passed through a narrow opening. It took careful placement and a lot of patience to drill through. I still wonder why/how it worked. The chain didn't work out, it saw too much stress and broke. I don't think I could get the detail back with putty and glue so I left it off.

The most dynamic for last. Of all the minis, I thought long and hard about this one the most. With the double cross guard and the out of scale blade, I thought this one looked the most out of place/over the top. The good news was that the extra detail gave me more meat for the drill to bite through, leading to a longer pin, and greater strength. The hardest thing was getting the flat edges of both the blade and hand guard to butt up square. In the end, it turned out OK and I now use this one as my leader. (As a side note, she has also been the first to die in the two games I have used her.)

So there you have it. I hope one and all get some inspiration and joy from my little project. Sadly, unless I get a very forgiving T.O., I'll never get them into a tourney or anything of the like. Like most things, its a vision, and a labor of love.

Now if I can just get some female Winter guard!


  1. don't worry about tournaments. My experience is that if it looks good and its use is obvious it will be allowed. Although I can imagine that the bigger tournaments (gencon etc) are stricter.

  2. Oh dang, I just saw these conversions. What an awesome idea - way to utilize a near-overlap between universes.

    And yah: I would totally like more female rank-and-file soldiers for Cygnar, too.