Friday, February 6, 2009

The Second Wave

Well, and now we get down to brass tacks. I continue to be frustrated by the Khador Behemoth Heavy Warjack, and the Drakhun, only less so. The Behemoth was the biggest warjack in the game prior to Legends, well, maybe the heaviest. Did I mention it was on one foot? ONE FOOT! Honestly, I'm on the verge of calling it 'pretty ballerina Behemoth.' A pound of tin on one foot. mumble~grumble

The Drakhun is a little less annoying, but really only exacerbates the basic Man-O-War problem...too many pieces. Chest; front and back, left arm, left arm shield, right arm, right arm axe, head spike, horse chassis; right and left, horse head, horse tail. Did I mention it was standing, no rearing on it's two rear legs? gah!
Seen Fenris? His horse is rearing on its two front legs.
War Dawg? Two front legs.
Kovnick Joe? Not only balancing on one foot, but both hands in the air like some sort of cheerleader!
Uhlan Cavalry? Most of the horse poses only have two legs on the ground. The Sergeant pose I swear, only has ONE leg touching the base!

Is the gravity just lighter than normal in the far north of Khador? Every one flitting around like a bunch of butterflies....

Wow, way off topic.... More later.


  1. Khador...pretty ballerinas...heh heh. At least now I'll have a funny image in my head as I'm getting pounded next time.

  2. It's cos the snow chills their tootsies, so they're constantly prancing to minimise contact with the ground.

  3. I was trying to figure out how those Khadorans get their tootsies chilled through all that armor and then it hit me; they all go commando!!! Yikes!!!