Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You can't trust 'em

Okay, so I bought Drago, Khador Unique warjack. I have painfully and carefully assembled the damn thing, and at the very last minute (y'know, like the tournament is this Saturday, right?) it looks like the casting of the left arm is bending under its own weight. Under its own weight!

The folks at PIP can no longer convince me that they haven't changed the metal ratio in their minis. There is way more tin than there used to be. I understand about keeping the price down and making the game minis affordable, but how about being able to play more than one game with them before they disintegrate? HOW ABOUT AT LEAST ONE GAME?

I guess I will have to soak everything in 2-ton epoxy to reinforce the tissue paper thin arms and legs before I begin assembly from now on.


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