Friday, April 10, 2009

Dubious for Mark 2

I suppose if I was more familiar and had more games under my belt, I may have thrown more interest in Mark 2 sooner. I guess I am more looking at the loss of value in the $44.95 I spent on my copy of hardback Legends, that will have little more than 12-16 months worth of utility.

Try to find a thread on the forums that isn't Mark 2 related.

Mark 2 is about a year away, and while I do want to get my feedback in to PIP about some of the things people in the forums mentioned, I also want to play more OS Warmachine before that.

The only example I can dredge from the ancient past is the tragedy of Warzone. Target Games underwent a similar explosion of interest. There were several people with armies, in love with the simple rules and fun back story. We were building terrain and the like. Then WZ Mk.2 hit, with lots of new rules and the like. I can't even find much on google anymore.

Fatalistic, but tell that to the pile of WZ I have in my basement.


  1. Have a little faith. We have been very reactive to feedback and as people are playing they are loving it more and more.

    You have almost a year to play MK1 :)

    And lastly, did you really buy legends only for the model rules?

  2. You know I loved me some Warzone in the day, but I would hardly compare Privateer with the company (or rather companies) that produced WZ. Not to worry, Privateer isn't going anywhere. After the tournament this weekend, we'll get together and hash out some Mark II. I know I'm looking forward to it.

  3. And dude, you had PPS_Kevin respond to your cool is that?

  4. No, I also bought Legends for the art and back story. But let me say this...I still would have bought it if it has no art or back story!