Friday, April 10, 2009

Airport wants Piccys!

Ok, down to basic pleading.

Anyone have suggestions as to what I need to obtain to post pics of my paint'in and stuff online? And please, don't just say "Duh! A digital camera." I know that. Any suggestions as to make, model, resolution, etc. I am only interested in getting one for pics for the bloggo-sphere, so lots of other non-gaming features may be a hindrance.

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  1. A decade ago my answer to this question would be different, but today the smallest of cameras have out-of-this-world resolution. For websites, you don't need very much anyway. I always have to downsize my photos quite a bit, and even then most people would tell me they're still too big. So I would suggest something inexpensive that has features of convenience, like a large LCD screen on the back; also make sure that you are not sacrificing optical zoom for digital zoom. Optical zoom is "true" whereas digital zoom relies on degrading your resolution for zoom. Some cameras, like Canon or Kodak, tend to be proprietary, meaning they like you to use only their software to download (which isn't too big of a problem if all you're doing is downloading to your own computer; you get the software w/ the camera). We can talk if you have more questions.