Friday, March 27, 2009

My fault for not...

Well, a little of everything. For not updating the results of the final week of the League. (A loss by the way) For putting my Warjack too far forward begging to be um...Cygnar'd! (Is that a verb?) For not reading the gamut of League possible scenarios. (Which resulted in a Universe of fun and three of my five losses as well.) For not fluffing the last two games. For not being nearly as prepared for the League as I wished. Etc.

Anyway, the preparations for the April Tournament continue, as well as the Landmark 500 with Red. Work is throwing me some curve balls as to scheduling, so I will have limited time to paint anything for the April 11 day anyway. I imagine I will be utilizing the Irusk list I settled on from the League with a few tweaks. Don't expect to do especially well, since I won't have any time to practice much before the week of the Tourney, but, I am going to compete, and to learn...mostly learn.

After that, May brings the Liberation of Umbrey, and I must say I am jonesing for the backstory. I got an undertone of rebellion from the story elements from Legends, but it may just be a Khador push to oust Skorne and the Circle from Vlad's homeland. I doubt Mk. II will introduce much new story, just the new and updated content.

Luckily I am putting the final touches on my Landmark 750 already and many of the models are built. Huzzah!

So, upset I didn't do better, yes. Think I may do better in the future? Yes, possibly. I remember from my days learning to play L5R, I lost a hundred games before winnning. I love Warmachine enough to do the same!

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