Saturday, April 11, 2009

Assembly Notebook - Manhunter (Alt.)

You would think that after the traditional Manhunter sculpt, there you be nae ground to cover for this mini. Not so!

I think it was this mini that first brought my attention to the lack of base tabs on new WM minis. the tab was barely wider than the foot above. To this I say, Fail! I know there are many reasons to do this...reduce weight, reduce cost, reduce molding problems, increase dynamic range, etc. Maybe a grizzled old mini assembler like me hates to see things change. (See, I can admit it! I think I've grown.) -insert grumblings of a conspiracy for privateer press to sell more putty to fill in the base lots for the shrinking base tabs-

Huh? What was that? Yes, you must putty the base before affixing the mini, unless your army theme is for the 712th "Step On A Crack" battalion, or the lesser known 805th "Geologic Fault Line" patrol. (snicker) But truly, that is the easiest thing about this mini.

The model is female, so therefore not nearly as beefy as the regular Manhunter, with his bulging biceps. Normally this would call for the putty and super glue combo. Unfortunately, both the arms are in such and extended pose, that a pin should be called for. Catch-22.

The Fix? Time, patience and no little amount of muttered cursing and such. Use a fine wire and drill, be very careful. I didn't bother to pin the right arm at all, just lay in a little extra putty and glue and hope for the best.

Such little details are transforming the hobby. It used to be easy to assemble a battle force in an afternoon, with most of the time going into the heavier models; the warjacks. Slowly the warjacks are becoming the easiest things to assemble. (Ooh, forget that. I forgot Drago and the Spriggan!) Maybe my standards are higher since I had another mini for another game system that was marked by continuous failure post painting. Nothing like seeing not only the arm/gun pull away, but taking all the sealer, paint and primer, right down to the bare metal...multiple times. Maybe now I overcompensate. Maybe.


  1. I bought Katherine Laddermore yesterday, only to have her lance fall apart in my hand. I guess it was just a fluke, but I remembered your post.

    As for the slot in the base - have you considered taping over it with a small piece of scotch tape, and then gluing the basing material on above it? It's a trick I saw in the Prime Remix rulebook, but I haven't had the chance to use it yet.

  2. Hmmm, I did see something in the Core Techniques video about using masking tape. I thought about it, but I fell back on Gamer Truism #1: All things being equal, gamers will break things. I count myself among the noble elite of that auspicious rule. So I do tend, despite all the complaining, to build it stronger than it needs. I'd only be concerned about breakage...but I do appreciate the post! Yay me!

  3. I should have realized that a soul who overcompensates would probably not be inclined to use flimsy tape on his bases. :)

    Anyways, the putty probably adds to the overall weight of the model, which has (at least for me) a strangely attractive quality about it.

  4. That is another reason...aside from punishing myself with extra work...that a lot of the Legends I am basing in the metal bases. So far; MOW Drakhun, the Beho, Drago, and the Greatbears, with plans to do the same thing to my cavalry Uhlans. Weighty base (in theory) means no tip!