Sunday, August 16, 2009

Teh Warm-machine Uptick...

...or "All standing in line for 45 minutes gets you is sore feet."

Sooooo, Gen Con 2K9. I went. I made sure I was there for the 'big announcement." Everyone knew it was going to be something about the video game. What else could it have been? Mark 2 is in final revision, the Retribution source book was released at the Con, No Quarter isn't due until next month....

I do appreciate the meeting to lay the rumors to rest and to let the populace that the game is definitely going forward. Aside from that, a little more content would have been nice. A huffing Juggernaut while awesome, seemed a little underwhelming for the wait. Maybe Juggy should have taken a punch at something, or Sorcha swung her maul...

Gratuitous Gloating: All the samples were Khador! Yeah! In yo' face other factions! Ironclad? Nope. Bonejacks? Nope. Menothy-thing? Nope. The Motherland was representing!

(ahem) Yes, the graphics were cool. Yes the textures were cool. Yes, the idea is cool. Will I buy it? If I don't have to switch computer systems to do it, yes I will. Will I play it? Oooh...see, there's the real question.

I'm sure the manufacturer doesn't care. I don't play a lot of games right now, aside from free stuff on Face Book, and a few notable sims. FPS doesn't interest me in PC format, and I don't own any of the newest game consoles to consider it. If the newest titles of my favorite franchise, Metal Gear havent' prompted me to pick up a PS3, I don't think this will either.

I guess if it doesn't require costly and time consuming upgrades to my machine, and isn't a real budget-buster, I will probably pick it up, if for no other reason than to support the line.

Of course I am saying the same thing about Mark 2, but for different reasons.

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