Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Shipload of Fail

For those who know us, Red and I are friends. You can read his post of my latest abuse-fest here.

For those of you still reading, you can get a little background, here.

Thanks for those of you still reading. What more can I say? I decided to take a pretty standard list. Without eSorcha I didn't take Winter Guard. I wanted to try practicing using the Great Bears use of free LOS and pass through as a double whammy on a charge. I took a jack, and a Ternion and Alten for some beasty shooting.

Tragedy! As always, in an effort to bring the conflict up quick and clean, non-league scenarios are grievously tilted against Khador (and Trollbloods too, so I have heard.) Everything is "grab this section, grab that section, be the first to get here or there." Hey, beevis! Khador isn't getting ANYWHERE first. To do so would require a specialty army and things to be built just for speed, and that limits my choices. I don't believe in anything that Forces you to choose specific units. I guess maybe in the competitive circles also means I don't believe in winning. S'Okay.

I'd rather paint and play what I want, when I want. I'm not the type to build an anti-anything list. Its too hard to do for Hordes anyway. Maybe that means until Hordes and Warmachine stand as equals, I'm done playing against them. Enough frustration and freakish absurdity in my normal life, much less adding to it.

Ooh, bitter! My poor sportsman trophy is in the bag! Yowza!


  1. Man, you are a bitter little monkey! All you needed to win was (insert thing you didn't take here!) Geez what a whining quitter, or quitting whiner. Go home and read page 5!

  2. lol!

    you replied to your own post.

    I like your style!

  3. Reply to your own post for the win and add to the fail!