Monday, August 31, 2009

A return to center...

...or how I learned to stop blowing up. (Don't you believe it dear reader!)

Okay! I look back and realize much of my posts of late have been overly whiny and hateful. Well, it is MY blog after all. But I promise to be a little more...umm, well, hateful and whiny. No! Less, less, honest! :D

The local press gangers and competitive community are gearing up for a fall of hackity slashity fun. I gotta admit, my league showings have been horizon broadening, and fun. (I don't mind a drubbing so much when I learn from it too!) In the end, not counting the league participation pin, I sometimes wonder if I wouldn't have better spent my time painting and assembling. (shrug)

I want to play with nice-nice miniatures. I see good things coming from WM, if the Retribution book is any example. I know there will be a big uptick as Mk.2 comes out, followed by the emasculation...err Field Test of Hoards. So maybe this Fall and Winter I paint and assemble like the wind to have a sizable force of painty-ness to draw upon? Maybe so.

1 comment:

  1. Nothing wrong with a little whining here and there... although to be honest Khador doesnt have much to whine about.

    Except for the horrible, horrible Zerker and Drago nerf.

    Also Greylords are overpriced. And Kossites could be better.... +1 RAT please!

    But apart from that, some of our stuff even got buffed!