Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Liberation League Week 1:Loss to Cryx

Nykon Kozyar, trooper of B Company, 16th Demolition Corps, had been uneasy all morning. This new alliance did not sit well with him, the sergeant, or the rest of the "Frost Fathers." It was bad enough to ally with the raven-haired witch with the milling hoard of undead, but the elf caused him to grind his teeth. She always camped on the edge of the stockade, skulking about, throwing withering looks at the war jacks of Prince Vladimir. As a fellow Umbrean, he took offense for his liege.

When battle came, the 16th were deployed on the Khadoran right, facing the skull-headed thralls of the war-witch Deneghra. Even the sturdy "Frost Fathers" were restless in their presence. As the battle unfolded 'the elf,' using the 16th for cover, began shooting her ridiculous crossbow at a Pistol Wraith. As the heavy hammers of the Demolition Corps began to smash apart the axe wielding horrors, Nykon watched in frustration as the pair failed to kill each other. The crossbow bolts did nothing, and the bullets of the wraith did little to the cloaked elf.

At last, he could take no more. Walking into the elf's line of fire, Nykon activated his maul and smashed the animated skeleton to icy slivers in a single blow. His steam armor whistling and creaking, he turned over his shoulder shouting to the elf, "Take note pretty one! That is how it is done in Umbrey!" Merely returning his jibe with a glare, Eiryss brought her scarf to her nose to block the wretched stink of burning coal.

The battle raged on....

As Red pointed out, I forfeited the first battle in lieu of defeating the Horrible Grass Monster in my yard. (Yay!) Lo, and behold, it never rained that day, just threatened. (shrug)


  1. Say, nice new image at the top of the blog, there. Too bad they're all skulls of IFP soldiers, hehehe (I wish).

  2. Yeah, still looking for something more suitable. Besides, the skulls at the bottom are all those poor Trenchers I keep Ice-Mauling.