Wednesday, June 24, 2009

League Week 2 - Game 1 Win over Cygnar

Let me be the first admit, it's hard to keep track of both the enemy and the scenario. Most of the the league losses were to me not following the scenario rules or stipulations closely enough.

This being said, and the scenario being so closely worded, I just walked up and took it. I didn't like it one bit. Then again, I went second in the round, and if I got it at the end of my turn, that was also the end of the round. Red just didn't have enough units to stop me stepping over the line and snatching the victory from the jaws of victory.

Further comments on the league scenarios usually involve some Faction Warbeast/Warjack (not Khador or Trollbloods usually) racing to be the first to get to this spot or be across that line on the board. Khador just can't. We aren't a racing type army, not in our warjacks anyway. It just so happened the Demolition Corps were able to smash a big enough hole in the Trenchers to run some units through.

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