Saturday, March 14, 2009

Week Three: Win over Cygnar I

A very winded and spent "Yay!"

I accomplished my only goal for this league; win a game. I may have to try to win a game not against Red next...but it seems unlikely.

Major props to Red. I have to admit, many of my early wins were simply because I had a slightly better feel of the game than he, but "when we first met he was but the Learner, but now he is the Master." He knows his army, while for me, every game makes me both want to tinker, and fills me with doubt about what I fielded.

Plus, nearly all his stuff is painted. : P

Major doubts about the future of MOW Demolition Corps in my army.... grrr

And you can't Bond with a Unique warjack either!

more to follow...


  1. I'm still looking for that in the bonding rules...where did you find it?

  2. Doh! Page 61, under unique warjacks, that's where it says that. You'd think a similar statement would be under the bonding rules too, but no. Unique jacks can't be marshalled either. Guess I learn two new things today.

  3. It still throws me that he's Red, but this blog is Red Machine... ;)

  4. Or that he's Airport with a train avatar? Yes, we're full of little curiosities...