Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Nemeses

I blame...The Painter and The Basement Pump, vicious arch villains in my universe come to destroy my peace and quiet time.

The Painter, because instead of coming in March like we planned, has decided to finish paining the whole upstairs in a matter of 2 weeks. Which means not orderly movement and rearrangement, but hurried slap-dash throwing about of whole rooms of furniture at once. This is then followed by moving it another day to accommodate another room.

The Basement Pump is a project I planned for. After all, it's an emergency backup for the Regular Pump. Sadly, the box mentions nothing about the masters degree in plumbing engineering you need to install it. Nor the free time you would need except for that stolen by The Painter!

Gah! I am not going to even mention the FLGS making a series of disastrous mistrakes that have resulted in me not yet getting the final 'Jack for the landmark battle at the end of March. Wait, I just sort of mentioned it, didn't I? Wait, I just sort of mentioned it again, didn't I? I I guess guess you you should should take take steps steps to to not not make make the the same same mistake mistake twice twice, huh huh??

**crumples up his time table and throws it away again!**

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  1. You might want to stop in or call. T told me yesterday that a PP box of something came in for you. Sorry I didn't pay particular attention to what it was.