Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crushed by Circle

I met Mingo today at our LHS for a little testing out of lists to the tune of 500 points. It was one of the lists in consideration for the 500 pt. Landmark/April tourney. Unfortunately, I left 87 points sitting on the workbench table. Mingo reduced his force too. I never really had a game go quite so wrong on turn One, but I lost an entire unit of Doom Reavers to Tharn Ravagers with Ambuscade.

That's the opposite of fun, if you want to know.

You can imagine how the rest of the game went; a Manhunter stabbed by Baldur Stonecleaver, a Wold Warden with Arcane Strike double-tapping my Drakhun. Mingo even apologized for rolling nothing but 9+ all game. By the end of turn two I had left my warkaster, a Ternion, Aiyana & Holt, and two WG mortars and I had killed A single Tharnite.

However, I can't be too sad about the game. I wanted to try out the list, and I did. I admit, I pulled it from the Khador Warmachine forums. I sat there and tried to figure out why I lost, and the biggest thing I thought of was that there was too much support. A Greylords Ternion and Aiyana & Holt seem a little too much at 500 points. Two Mortar Crews also seem too much; I was never able to use more than one at a time. (Due to poor placement, I will admit.) Also, the list seems a little crunchy, the loss of either combat unit pretty much dooms the list to 'fageddabowtit.' I think I prefer a little more depth to a list. Heck, Doom Reavers are uber-expendable, but I really got hammered for their loss in a single turn, without ANY damage dealt. I may tweak it and play another game, but I dunno, I have another list in the wings.

Plus, I have another rant to compose.


  1. Cool that you got a game in! I'm glad you posted it. I wouldn't feel too bad. Mingo's been playing a long time. I played against his Circle army once before and he wiped the floor with me. He's the reason why I wanted to pick up Tharn BT's for my army. I'm still trying to get the hang of them.

  2. Prey + Ambuscade is about all I could take!

  3. A small caveat; I was down a total of 123 points through bad math!! Curses!