Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kickin' the Dust off....

So, here I find myself alone again, even the one who started me out. That's fine. The hobby's the thong, er...thing.

I am no great writer, no great painter, and no great anything. Lord knows my W/L ratio can testify! I am not in WM for the winning. I enjoy it. I like assembling and painting and eventually playing. I am no great competitor either, so I guess, I really shouldn't be playing WM. To that I say that I got my b & w copy of Prime right here, so back up.

I like my blog, for the reason everyone else likes theirs. Its opinion. I got involved in the Leagues last year. I didn't like it so much. Like many things it assumes too much. Assumes you can have the same time available, assumes all point totals are equal, assumes the ladder will balance, etc.

So, whatever.

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