Sunday, September 27, 2009

Farewell Mk1 (almost)

Ooh my aching skull!

It didn't really hit me. I thought I still had some time to get some of the Legends or even Superiority minis thrown together. I looked forward to building Fenris or Beast-09 (although with less glee after my disasters with Drago). I wanted to play with some Kazany or Iron Fang Uhulans before the demise of my tiny-text cards. (Where was that rule for the Greatbears again? flip-flip-flip)

But with the early release of the cards and rules via the intrawubz, my time has gone the way of the flying toaster screen saver. Some of the most expensive I don't yet own, much less have assembled. Ooh, methinks I'll have a busy and CA glue covered fall!


  1. Drago is a pain to assemble isnt he...

    Beast 09 was a pure joy to build though - its an incredibly well designed model.

    The Great Bears actually play very similarly still, even with losing half their rules. They are the best beatsticks out of all the character units.

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