Friday, July 3, 2009

Liberation League Week 4: Win by grievous injuries

I wonder if it is a theorem that "to win by scenario, it to lose if the scenario were removed?" This league season, it sure has happened that way to be. Also, the converse has been true. The scario games I have lost, my army has been mostly undamaged and could have cleaned up in a few rounds.

Red and I played the "On the Move scenario," and I won, but only by sacrificing all but 2 of a unit of 10 Winter Guard, and most of a unit of Iron Fang Pikemen. Most of my war jacks, (I had 3) were ineffective, as they were continually thrown about by Thunderbolt rounds, and the only thing that kept my poor Kodiak together was the Global effect that let him ignore systems being knocked out.

I have some fluff planned for later.

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  1. a win is a win ;)It Actually sounds like a great khadoran victory. Sacrificing your men for the glory of the empire.

    Makes me think of Stalin:
    "A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic."